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In my decade of experience in the digital marketing and web design industry, many clients have asked me about the condition of their current website. They have asked questions such as:


  • “Does my website look dated?”
  • “What can I do to make my website work for me?”
  • “How can I take things to the next level with my website?”
  • “Is it time to invest in a website upgrade or redesign?”


Things have changed, with the current ‘industry guidance’ being that a website should be refreshed visually every 2 to 3 years. 


With regular changes such as adding articles, content, new pages and doing changes to your website – you should be looking to do these monthly to ensure that content is regularly being updated on your website. This article provides you with the most common signs that it’s time to upgrade your website. It’s time to update your website when:


  • Clients are telling you that they aren’t able to do certain things to get in touch or progress with your business.

  • Competitors’ websites look more up-to-date than your current website.

  • It’s been a while since the last time you redesigned or rebuilt your website.

  • You aren’t able to fully get the most out of your website which is understandably frustrating for you.

  • There has been a big shift in your industry that requires you to adapt your website and its capabilities or functionality.

  • Your business has changed so you need to rebrand or redesign your website to be in line with your current business operations.

At A1 Web Design, we are one of the leading independent specialist agencies providing affordable website design in Bristol and the surrounding areas. We will work with you to advise on whether you need a website and then deliver a new website that meets all of your requirements to the letter. Get in touch today to arrange for a free quote.

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Is Your Website Looking Outdated?


The most common reason to redesign your current website is if it looks dated, especially when compared to your competitors’ websites. It can be difficult to be critical of your own website but it’s very important to think of your website in the eyes of your clients and new users who are looking at the website. 


Your website needs to be built for the user whilst promoting your brand values and the overall appearance of your business. All roads lead to your website and all online and some offline marketing activities will send these people to your website at some point or another. We can help you by providing an honest assessment of your current website and aspects such as website speed and usability. We will also assess your competitors to help you decide if it’s time to build a new website.


Does Your Website Provide All of the Functions That You Need?


Businesses change over time and as they grow. Your original website may not have the functions that you need to get more out of any leads to your business or help your clients. These functions can also save time for you and your clients to improve their user experience. Google will also rank your website against how usable it is for your users. Modern websites have a whole host of new features and functionalities available. Some examples may include:


  • Changing the platform your website is currently built on. Such as upgrading an eCommerce website to Shopify.

  • Adding features such as a quotation system or a function where clients can design their own product before getting a quote.

  • Calculators or other tools that help clients calculate the materials that they may need.

  • Upgrading your website from a lead generation website to a full eCommerce website if you want to allow online payments on your website.

At A1 Web Design, we are a leading independent & specialist web design agency in Bristol and across the UK and beyond. Speak to our team today to arrange for a free quote. We have worked with many clients in Bristol and the surrounding areas to redesign or build a new website. Find out more about how we can help you and speak to our team today. 

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